Connectors for energy applications

We are proud to make our contribution to the vital quest for sustainable energy generation. Amphenol offers a wide range of connectors, which have proven their reliability in energy generation form wind and the harnessing of solar power. Excellent quality of the contacts and minimal drops in voltage are as important as easy handling. With innovative interconnector solutions we once again emphasize our high standards as an enabler of future-oriented technologies, and display our contribution to a better future.

We provide connectors for wind and solar power stations. In wind turbines our rectangular connectors are used in pitch-control-systems, slip rings and switch cabinets. The circular connectors are used in sensor linkage as well as for tower illumination. We offer excellent solutions in terms of resistance to salt spray. In the solar energy market, our circular connectors of the Eco|mate Series have proven themselves in various converters for many years, an application in which connectors are exposed to extreme conditions. Do you want to learn more? Please contact us any time!