eco|mate® C16 Family

eco|mate® C16 Family

The circular connectors of the eco|mate C16 family provide a range of different contact arrangements on two shell sizes. The portfolio includes connection solutions for multi-phase power transmission as well as a selection of combined hybrid interfaces. All versions come including a protective earth (PE) contact.

Characteristics of the eco|mate C16 series are the use of robust plastic, a reliable bayonet locking and mechanical codability. Especially the cost-efficient assembly is an advantage from which many of our customers are already benefiting.

The product family can be divided into two sub-series:

  • C16-3: Power and hybrid solutions: 10 contact arrangements on 2 shell sizes; up to 36A and 900V; crimp and screw contacts with wire cross-section 0.09-6mm²; protection class IP65
  • C16-L: Contact arrangement 4+PE especially for three-phase PV inverters; up to 50A at 600V; screw contacts with wire cross-section 2.5-8.3mm²; protection class IP65

Circular connectors of the eco|mate C16 family are used e.g. in the fields of industrial automation, mechanical engineering; renewable energies, control systems and lighting technology.