Connectors in automation technology

Flawless signal and power transmission. In dampness, great heat and even oil mist. That’s what connectors in automation technology are all about. Beyond that, mechanical resilience of contacts as well as smart and robust locking systems are a real customer benefit, thus speeding up maintenance operations and enhancing process reliability. Our long-term international and cross-application experience in not only guarantees an outstanding standard product in accordance with EN and VDE guidelines. It also allows us to develop and manufacture custom solutions for your application in a most efficient and reliable manner. Contact our experts!

The range of circular connectors covers all metric connectors from M8 to M12 and M16 for signal transmission, as well as M15, M23 and M40 for power. Moreover, we offer a wide range of other solutions in plastic and metal circular connectors, as an attractive alternative to the metric standard connectors. In the field of rectangular connectors, we provide a large selection in accordance with market standards and a diversified portfolio of custom solutions. Most of the parts can be provided as pre-assemblies. Discover the Amphenol world of connectors for factory automation!