heavy|mate C146M Rectangular Connectors

The rectangular connectors of the heavy|mate C146 M series are characterized by the following features:

  • Modular system with up to 7 module slots (1pin - 20 pins per module)

  • Cost-effective plastic housing

  • Offers more combination possibilities than usual market standard

  • Crimp and Radsok contacts available

  • Rated current 325 A

  • Rated voltage up to 1000 V

Connectors of this series may be engaged or disengaged when live but without electrical load. If the connectors are mated or unmated under load, the load shall be reduced to 10% of the rated current. 

We recommend using the high-profile housings/ hoods for the heavy|mate M inserts. Empty module spaces have to be filled with blind modules. Torque for PE connection 1.8 Nm.

Advantages of the system:

  • High combination possibilities

  • Possibility of inverse configuration

  • Rated voltage up to 1000 V

  • Low cost

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