motion|grade - M23 Signal

The M23 signal circular connectors of our motion|grade series are recognized industry standard for compact transmission of control signals up to 10A.

The metal connectors with 360° shielding are characterized by their durability and high vibration resistance. Our customers can choose between the standard M23 screw locking and the market compatible "Checkmate" quicklock mechanism.

Product features:

  • Waterproof according to protection class IP67 (min. 30min/1m) when mated

  • Metal housing with optimal 360° shielding

  • 4 contact arrangements on a shell size of ⌀ 26mm

  • From 12 to 19 pin for signal and power transmission

  • Loading the connectors optionally either with pin or sockets contacts

  • Coded contact arrangements (standard is E against P) for dedicated signal transmission

  • Current transmission up to 10A at 160V AC/DC

  • Turned contacts with wire cross section 0.10-0.75mm² / AWG 28-20

  • Optional zinc plating increases corrosion resistance from 48h to min. 96h

  • Qualified according to ECBT2 UL / certificate number E224856

Motion|grade is ideally suited for encoder feedback in servo drives or electric motors, but is also used in industrial automation, heavy equipment and renewable energy applications.  The connection solutions are compatible with competitor products.

Product Catalog motion|gradeTM - M23 and M40


Frequently Asked Questions

The following products are required for a complete parts list:

  • Cable connector and counterpart of the opposite gender (coupling/device part)

  • For couplings and 90° cable connectors: Backshell

  • Depending on the application: Protective cap

  • Crimp contacts

  • Hand crimping tool or pneumatic tool

M23 Signal offers a device part version with dip solder contacts, e.g. MA1LKE1700-237F. You can request alternative pole configurations from us at Alternatively, our flying leads with platinum plugs allow more flexibility and fault tolerance.

Coding is used for M23 Signal connectors to ensure correct and error-free signal transmission. However, this is only shown as a digit in the part number; there is no mechanical coding. By default, the codes E and P go together, F with S and G with R. A correct combination is e.g. MA5CAE1200-S1 and MA5RAP1201.

If you have special requirements regarding the number of cable outlets or their diameter, we will be happy to check the realization of a special version on the basis of the cable datasheet.

Our motion|grade connectors come with a silver-colored metal housing as standard. Alternatively, we will check the color matching of the various components in the desired color for corresponding order quantities.

Our motion|grade connectors are approved with protection class IP67 and are therefore waterproof. The requirement of 30 minutes at a water depth of 1 m is only a minimum requirement. On request, we can test the tightness for special water depths and dwell times.

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