Event Equipment

In event technology, our connectors are indispensable for smooth power and data transmission, enabling a successful event.

Entertainment technology is becoming increasingly important and complex, which means that expectations of the connectors used are also rising. To meet customer requirements 100%, Amphenol offers a wide range of professional connector and cable solutions, especially for the audio, lighting, broadcast, and entertainment markets. The extensive range includes XLR and jack plugs and sockets, connection and power plugs, and round and rectangular multipins.

Our Series for Event Technology

Whether you are transmitting with copper or fiber, digital or analog. We have the right product for every application: high-performance connectors, stranded wire & cable, fiber optic connectors and management equipment, custom assemblies and interconnect products for audio & video applications for the commercial and professional broadcasting and entertainment markets. Our extensive portfolio includes HD-BNC, BNC, and DIN. XLR, jacks and plugs, power & lighting, SMPTE304M, expanded beam as well as high-performance HD, SDI, VGA, digital & analog cables, and tactical fiber optic cables. Benefit from our comprehensive product portfolio and find the right connection for your transmission.






Applications in the Sector of Event Equipment

In event technology, connectors enable reliable power and data transmission and are therefore crucial for the efficient control of lighting, sound and other equipment to ensure that events run smoothly.

Speaker Connectors (SP Series)

Designed for durability and stability, the SP series is especially suitable for use in loudspeakers. Fully compatible with the market standard, it offers full flexibility for any installation requirement.

Even under difficult conditions, the SP series offers full power performance at all times.


Audio XLR-net Series (Power over Data)

Our XLRnet series offers a reliable solution for connecting power amplifiers and other audio devices. These connectors not only enable the transmission of audio signals in the highest quality but also integrate innovative functions such as Power over Data (PoD).

PoD allows not only audio signals but also power to be transmitted via the same cable, simplifying cabling and saving space. With the XLRnet series, you can make your audio applications more efficient while ensuring outstanding audio quality.


Power Connectors

Our audio connectors are not only used for conventional audio applications, but are also used in fog machines to supply them with power. We offer various options for adapting the connectors to the individual requirements of our customers. Thanks to their robust design and reliability, our connectors are ideal for use in demanding environments such as fog machines. The variety of configuration options allows our customers to customize the connectors to their exact needs, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


1/4" Jack Plug

Amphenol has the right solutions not only for professional audio but also for instruments. For example, for keyboards that offer the option of connecting headphones via an audio output. These connectors enable a reliable connection between the keyboard instrument and other audio devices such as amplifiers, mixing consoles or recording devices. Thanks to their robust construction and high signal quality, our 1/4" connectors ensure stable, high-quality audio transmission that meets the requirements of musicians and sound engineers. Whether in the studio, on stage or in the rehearsal room - our 1/4" connectors offer a reliable solution for integrating keyboard instruments into any audio system.


Speaker Series

In addition to power amplifiers, our connectors can also be used in bass amplifiers. They are characterized by their versatility and their special mounting options. Due to their design, they require smaller screw holes, which enables simple and stable fastening. These connectors offer reliable, high-quality audio transmission and are specially designed for the requirements of bass amplifiers. Whether in the studio, on stage or in the rehearsal room - our audio connectors offer an ideal solution for integrating bass amplifiers into any audio system.

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