Applications and Industries

These are the areas in which our connectors are most frequently used.

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections. Blue toned.


We want to help our customers industrialize electric drive systems to ensure a more sustainable future in commercial mobility.

We are the market leader for electromechanical connection solutions for battery electric drive systems and fuel cell drive systems. Our connections are specially designed for harsh environments with high requirements in terms of vibration, high currents and safety.

Plug of the charging cable plugged into an electric car


At a time when electromobility is playing a key role in the sustainable transportation industry, our advanced charging connectors offer a forward-looking solution for the demanding charging of industrial vehicles such as trucks.

Developed for fast charging to the highest standards, our connectors play a crucial role in the electrification of fleets and the expansion of charging infrastructure. Whether for electric trucks, buses or other industrial electric vehicles - our charging connectors help to seamlessly integrate electromobility into companies' day-to-day operations.



Perfect signal and power transmission even in damp, heat or oil mist: our connectors for automation technology for signal and power transmission. Robust contacts and simple locking systems offer a real advantage for maintenance and servicing work where process reliability and speed are important. Whether circular connectors in M12 with shielding for connecting sensors or rectangular connectors with drag chain suitability and a high IP protection class.


Heavy Equipment

What distinguishes agricultural vehicles, construction machinery and similar commercial vehicles from normal passenger cars? They are designed for continuous operation under extreme conditions and therefore represent one of the greatest challenges for industrial connectors. Fluids with biochemical additives, extreme weather conditions and heavy mechanical loads: our connectors withstand all these adverse influences and are intuitive and convenient to use in everyday applications thanks to innovative locking systems.

railway in the evening, terminal commercial port background for business logistics. generative ai


British engineer George Stephenson's No. 1 locomotive's first line was opened on September 27, 1825. The track gauge was 1435 mm; it subsequently became the standard for most of the world's railroads. Stephenson set one of the very first global standards at the time.

In this spirit, we offer a wide range of standard products in various designs for all rail-bound vehicles such as locomotives, wagons, railcars and freight systems, etc. Our connector systems are also used worldwide in the infrastructure and communication technology of rail transportation.

Background image shows a 5G global network technology communication antenna tower for wireless high speed internet. Future proof fastest internet technology is LTE aerial network connection

Wireless Infrastructure

Products that meet the requirements of the AISG (Antenna Interface Standards Group) in outdoor applications are subject to extreme requirements. Tightness, temperature shock, salt spray resistance and UV resistance are just some of the most important criteria. Amphenol has set standards in the antenna market with its application-optimized circular connectors of the C091 series (based on IEC 60130-9).

Your advantages with Amphenol AISG products:

  • Market leader AISG

  • Global reach (plants in China, Europe, USA, Mexico)

  • Experience with AISG products since 2002

  • Member of AISG and author of the AISG C 485 specification



Whether you are transmitting with copper or fiber, digital or analog. We have the right product for every application: high-performance connectors, stranded wire & cable, fiber optic connectors and management equipment, custom assemblies and interconnect products for audio & video applications for the commercial and professional broadcasting and entertainment markets. Our extensive portfolio includes HD-BNC, BNC, and DIN. XLR, TRS, Power & Lighting, SMPTE304M, Expanded Beam as well as high-performance HD, SDI, VGA, Digital & Analog cables, and tactical fiber optic cables.


Renewable Energies

We are proud to be able to contribute to solving this issue of the future. The requirements for their connectors are also diverse. Amphenol offers a wide range of connectors that have proven their worth in applications such as wind and solar power generation. In addition to high contact reliability and low voltage drops, simple handling is also important.

With innovative solutions, we once again underline our claim to be an enabler of future-oriented technologies and thus make our contribution to a better future.