signal|mate - M16-B Circular Connectors

The circular connectors of our signal|mate - C091 series are recognized industry standard for compact signal and power transmission.  The M16-B series provides IP40 protected plastic connectors with vibration-resistant bayonet locking and is a lightweight and cost-efficient connection solution for indoor applications.

The series features 2-8 and 12-19 pin connectors. For contact plating, our customers can choose between silver, flash gold (NEW) and hard gold for crimping and soldering. Furthermore, there are different solutions for direct connection to the PCB.

Product features:

  • Protection class IP40 when mated

  • Vibration-resistant bayonet locking

  • 13 contact arrangements on a shell size of ⌀ 18mm

  • From 2 to 19 pin for signal and power transmission

  • Current transmission up to 10A at 300V AC/DC

  • Wire cross-section 0.05-1mm² / AWG 30-20

  • Colored backshells available as accessory

  • Qualified according to UL1977 / certificate number E63093

M16 circular connectors of the signal|mate series are used e.g. in the fields of industrial automation, lighting, control systems, camera technology as well as measurement.

Product Catalogue signal|mate - M16-B Circular Connectors (p. 24)


Frequently Asked Questions

The following components are required for a complete solution:

  • Cable connector and counterpart of the opposite gender (socket/device part)

  • Release tool FH 0300 091 and installation wrench N 45 091 000 1

  • depending on the application: protective cover

For crimp versions, the crimp contacts and the crimping tool must be ordered separately.

We have great experience in the development and production of cable assemblies and complete devices, especially on the machine side (distribution boxes, PCBs, covers). Send us your request to and we are happy to support you!

M16B includes solutions for 90° connection with a flange that can be placed directly on the PCB. On request, we are happy to check the realization of versions with 180° dip solder contacts. Alternatively, our flying pigtail assemblies with PCB connectors allow more flexibility and failure tolerance.

With the standard M16B plastic housings, the shielding of the cable cannot be transferred via the connector housing. For shield transfer, following 8pin special metal versions are available: T3524800U; T3528800U; T3527118U and T3527918U. We will be happy to check the implementation of other pole patterns on request.

Even though the contact resistance is slightly higher with crimp connections, this connection technology has established itself over soldering. Particularly for large quantities, investing in automatic crimping machines pays off in terms of material costs, workload and quality assurance. We have many years of experience with crimping technology and offer a broad portfolio of crimp contacts across all series, turned and stamped, loose and on reels.

Environmental influences often cause oxidation on the surface of silver-coated contacts, which is indicated by a dark coloration. The oxide layer has no effect on functionality and is automatically rubbed off when plugged in. In use, the oxide layer usually burns out at a load > 24V or 200-300mA. If smaller currents flow, we recommend gold-plated contacts to keep the contact resistance low in the long term.

Our M16A/B connectors usually come with a black plastic housing. With the backshells T29935109C / T29935119C / T29935129C / T29935139C, the color of the grommet version can be adapted to blue, red, yellow and green. We also offer color matching of other plastic and metal components depending on your yearly demands.

As an alternative to the ring nut, our M16 receptacles can also be equipped with an SW20 hexagon nut (part number T 0422 060 9). We are also happy to supply the component directly with a hexagon nut depending on your yearly demands.

In addition to the standard 5 and 7 pole contact layout, there are also stereo versions. Historically, these were used to transmit sound, but today customers usually use other connector solutions (Audio series). The solder connection is typical for the application, which is why these layouts are not available with crimp contacts. With the stereo layouts mechanical coding (Poka Yoke) can be realized.

During a transfer of the production facility in 2010, the "U" was introduced at the end of the part number for clear traceability. The dimensions, material and technical function remained completely unchanged during the process. Today, the "U" is an integral part of the part number, regardless of the supply chain.

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