eco|mate C16 Family

The circular connectors of the eco|mate C16 family provide a range of different contact arrangements on two shell sizes. The portfolio includes connection solutions for multi-phase power transmission as well as a selection of combined hybrid interfaces. All versions come including a protective earth (PE) contact.

Characteristics of the eco|mate C16 series are the use of robust plastic, a reliable bayonet locking and mechanical codability. Especially the cost-efficient assembly is an advantage from which many of our customers are already benefiting.

The product family can be divided into two sub-series:

  • C16-3: Power and hybrid solutions: 10 contact arrangements on 2 shell sizes; up to 36A and 900V; crimp and screw contacts with wire cross-section 0.09-6mm²; protection class IP65

  • C16-L: Contact arrangement 4+PE especially for three-phase PV inverters; up to 50A at 600V; screw contacts with wire cross-section 2.5-8.3mm²; protection class IP65

Circular connectors of the eco|mate C16 family are used e.g. in the fields of industrial automation, mechanical engineering; renewable energies, control systems and lighting technology.

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eco|mate® C16-L Circular Connectors


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Frequently Asked Questions

The following components are required for a complete solution:

  • Cable connector and counterpart of the opposite sex (socket/device part)

  • depending on the application: protective cover

For crimp versions, the crimp contacts and the crimping tool must be ordered separately. Either a hand crimping tool consisting of three components or a complete service crimping tool can be ordered for this purpose.

Thanks to the PE contact and representative VDE and CSA approval, eco|mate C16 connector systems can also be used as plug-in devices. Compared to plug connections, this enables plugging and unplugging under load. The layouts 8+PE; 14+PE; 17+PE; 12+3+PE (size 1) and 5+PE; 12+PE;14+PE; 19+PE (size 2) were tested for the approvals. Please contact us for further information.

The portfolio does not include solutions for direct PCB connection as standard. Alternatively, our flying pigtail assemblies with PCB connectors allow flexibility and failure tolerance. Please let us know your requirements!

Due to the plastic housing, the shielding braid of the cable cannot be connected to the connector housing. If shielding is required, we refer to metal connectors from the eco|mate RM series, for example. If the application permits and the shielding attenuation requirements are only low, it is also possible to transmit the shield via one of the contacts.

Environmental influences often cause oxidation on the surface of silver-coated contacts, which is indicated by a dark coloration. The oxide layer has no effect on functionality and is automatically rubbed off when plugged in. In use, the oxide layer usually burns out at a load > 24V or 200-300mA. If smaller currents flow, we recommend gold-plated contacts to keep the contact resistance low in the long term.

C16 connectors can be mechanically coded in several positions. With the tools FH 0000 016 (housing size 1) or FH 0002 016 (housing size 2), the user can implement coding himself. We supply pre-coded connectors ex works depending on your yearly demand. Further information can be found in the C16 assembly instructions.

The internal cable clamp is a further safety feature and prevents the wires from being pulled out or the crimp from being damaged under high tensile force. We supply the connectors both with (longer housing) and without internal clamp (shorter housing).

The polyamide grades used are ideally suited for outdoor applications. The use of carbon black as a pigment improves the UV resistance so that a durability of well over five years can be achieved. The reinforcing glass fibers may cause minimal surface erosion, but this can be neglected. The functionality of the connector systems is fully maintained. The materials used for the housing have an f1 listing.

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