heavy|mate C146H

The rectangular connectors of the heavy|mate C146 H series are characterized by the following features:

  • Rated voltage 660 V

  • Rated current 16 A

  • Connection type: Screws

  • 2 lagging switching contacts

  • Number of poles: 3, 6, 10, 16, 32

  • Special version: 6 pole with screw connection, rated current 42 A and rated voltage up to 400 V

Connectors of the heavy|mate H series may only be plugged in with counterparts of the heavy|mate H series.

The H contact inserts are derived from the insulators of the heavy|mate E series by partial assembly and 2 additional, lagging switching contacts. Only the pole number 16 H has different contact carriers in the mating geometry. However, their external dimensions are identical to those of pole number 24, heavy|mate E series. The lagging switching contacts enable the connection of a contactor winding for the purpose of electrical interlocking.

Housing (made of die-cast aluminum):
The 16-pin H contact insert heavy|mate E housing with insulation lining is used. (Insulation foil on inner wall). The locking bars on the inside walls of the housing (narrow side), which prevent the insertion of the 660 V contact carriers in 400 V housings, have been removed. The 16-pin H insert with front locking piece can now be fitted.

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