Critical & Safe

Critical & Safe is the range for applications with high demands on safety, durability and performance. Perfect for applications with frequent connection / disconnection, and to use in public areas. The housing is made of PBT or aluminium. PBT is a tough plastic material that withstands heavy-duty usage and most chemicals found in industrial environments. The aluminium housing is a mix of aluminium and silicon called Silumin, which gives an excellent protection against corrosion while being robust and tough against impact and sun light.

• IP67 Watertight or IP44 Splash-proof.
• 16 - 125 A, 50 - 690 VAC.
• IEC 60 309-1, -2, -4.
• All external screws are made of stainless steel.

• Heavy / chemical industry
• Sawmills
• Airports

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