eco|mate m Circular Connectors

The eco|mate m series is the established market standard for power supply in industrial applications. With a size of ⌀ 30mm, the connectors are very compact and still resistant to external influences.

The RD24 rapid screw locking and the ergonomic housing shape, as well as the use of screw contacts, make handling and maintenance uncomplicated. With colored components, the connectors can be easily adapted to your application. eco|mate m has VDE, CSA and UL approvals (certificate number E63093).

The eco|mate m standard portfolio is based on:

  • 3+PE: Optimal solution for power supply of industrial applications; up to 23A at 400V; crimp and screw contacts with wire cross-section 0.75-2.5mm²; protection class IP67

  • 6+PE: Interface for signal transmission according to DIN 9684-1 and ISO 11786; up to 14A at 250V; crimp and solder contacts with wire cross-section 0.14-1.5mm²; protection class IP67

  • High-Voltage solutions for both configurations, up to 14A at 600V; crimp contacts with wire cross-section 0.14-1.5mm²; protection class IP65

Circular connectors of the eco|mate m series are used e.g. in the fields of industrial automation, agricultural technology, e-mobility, renewable energies, lighting technology and control systems. The connection solutions are compatible with competitor products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following components are required for a complete solution:

  • Cable connector and counterpart of the opposite gender (socket/device part)

  • Depending on the application: Protective cover

For crimp versions, the crimp contacts and the crimping tool must be ordered separately. Either a hand crimping tool consisting of three components or a complete service crimping tool can be ordered for this purpose.

Thanks to the protective conductor contact (PE) and VDE/CSA approval, eco|mate m connector systems can also be used as plug-in devices. Compared to plug connections, this enables plugging and unplugging under load. The test parameters of the VDE approval are 400V / 16A / cos phi=0.9. Plugs used as plug-in devices may only be used in environments with pollution degree 2.

The portfolio includes the receptacles T 3110 010 (3+PE) and T 3106 010 (6+PE) with dip solder contacts. Alternatively, our flying pigtail assemblies with PCB connectors allow more flexibility and failure tolerance. Please let us know your requirements!

Due to the plastic housing, the shielding braid of the cable cannot be connected to the connector housing. If shielding is required, we refer to metal connectors from the eco|mate RM series, for example. If the application permits and the shielding attenuation requirements are only low, it is also possible to transmit the shield via one of the contacts.

Environmental influences often cause oxidation on the surface of silver-coated contacts, which is indicated by a dark coloration. The oxide layer has no effect on functionality and is automatically rubbed off when plugged in. In use, the oxide layer usually burns out at a load > 24V or 200-300mA. If smaller currents flow, we recommend gold-plated contacts to keep the contact resistance low in the long term.

The coding pins N170210001 (3+PE) and N170170001 (6+PE) can be inserted into socket contacts. A crimp contact is not mounted at the corresponding positions on the opposite side. Mechanical coding is therefore only possible when using C016 10P003 000 12 (3+PE) and the crimp versions on the pin side for 6+PE

The 3+PE versions are mainly supplied with screw contacts. When assembling, we recommend attaching wire end ferrules to the strands in advance. As an alternative on the cable side, we offer versions C016 20H003 804 12 and C016 20D003 806 12 with pressure plates. No wire end ferrules need to be used here.

If the diameter of the intended cable is in the range 4-6mm, the seal N 06 007 0004 can be ordered separately. If you have special requirements regarding the number of cable outlets or their diameter, we will be happy to check the realization of a customized version based on the cable data sheet.

The internal cable clamp is a further safety feature and prevents the wires from being pulled out or the crimp from being damaged under high tensile force. We supply the connectors both with and without a clamp. If this is required as a spare part, it can be ordered separately with part number N 16 110 2000 X.

The polyamide grades used are ideally suited for outdoor applications. The use of carbon black as a pigment improves the UV resistance so that a durability of well over five years can be achieved. The reinforcing glass fibers may cause minimal surface erosion, but this can be neglected. The functionality of the connector systems is fully maintained. The materials used for the housing have an f1 listing.

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