Strategic Purchasing

Our Partnerships shape the Future:
Insight into our Strategic Purchasing

Our strategic purchasing is more than just a business practice - it is a central part of our corporate philosophy. Through careful selection of suppliers, transparent communication, and a shared focus on quality and innovation, we strive to build strong and sustainable partnerships.

In this section, we would like to give you a detailed insight into our approach to strategic sourcing and offer potential suppliers the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of working with us. Learn more about our values, practices, and the benefits of partnering with Amphenol Tuchel Industrial GmbH.

We believe in mutual success and look forward to shaping the future together with you.

Insight into Strategic Purchasing

A large part of the value creation of our products takes place in our global supplier network.

In order to meet the high expectations of our customers at all times, we need high-quality, efficient and reliable partners in our supply chain.

With careful selection according to defined criteria and the continuous development of our supplier base, strategic purchasing makes a significant contribution to the success of our company.

We strive for sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships to ensure the optimal supply of materials to our plants. This is our common mission.


We consider it our responsibility to ensure that human rights are respected in our global supply chains.

Together with our partners, we want to make a positive contribution to society and the environment through sustainable action.

We expect our suppliers to comply with our sustainability requirements, which are also set out in the Amphenol Group's Supplier Code of Conduct. In this way, we want to promote issues such as fair working conditions, social and environmental compatibility and trusting cooperation along the entire value chain in a spirit of partnership.

Further information on the topic of sustainability in the supply chain within the Amphenol Group can be found here:


To supply our customers with our innovative connection solutions, we require components in the following main product groups:

  • Cables + wires

  • Plastic injection molding

  • Punching

  • Tools: Plastic injection molding + stamping

  • Die casting Zn + Al

  • Turning

  • Raw material: plastic granulate + metal

  • Surface finishes

  • Packaging

  • Molded rubber parts

  • Cable accessories

  • DIN / standard parts

  • Electronic components

If we have aroused your interest and you believe that your product portfolio can offer us added value for our company and our customers, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The following documents are required for an application as a new supplier:

  • Signed non-disclosure agreement

  • Completed supplier self-disclosure form

  • Signed supplier manual (only necessary for suppliers of drawing parts and cables & wires, except for packaging according to drawing)

  • Management certificates (minimum requirement ISO 9001)

  • Successful initial audit (at least B status) if required. Further information on the audit can be found in our Supplier Academy

Please download the required documents and send the edited copies to the following address

Our purchasing team will contact you after evaluating the documents sent to discuss the next steps.


Supplier Academy

One of the key objectives of our purchasing policy is the continuous development of our supplier base. The basis for this is the implementation of our semi-annual supplier evaluation.

In addition to background information on supplier evaluation and our audit program, the ATI Supplier Academy will introduce you to tools and methods that you can use to improve your company's operational performance, such as increasing your productivity through OEE management.

In this section, we provide you with documents and standards that are relevant for you as a supplier.

The implementation of our semi-annual supplier evaluation is the basis for achieving our goal of continuously improving our supplier pool.

Based on the results, a supplier development plan is agreed with our suppliers. We consistently monitor the implementation of the defined measures as part of our supplier management process.

The evaluation is carried out according to uniform criteria throughout the AIIO Group, such as quality, logistics, costs and cooperative behavior.

We are currently working on integrating the topic of sustainability into the supplier evaluation process.

Please send us an e-mail and we will send you the current evaluation form. You can find the information brochure here.

To continuously improve our supplier base, we rely on process audits in accordance with our new ATI standard, which is based on VDA 6.3 and includes audit modules on ESG (environmental, social, governance) and logistics.

Our aim is to generate added value for us and our suppliers through the potential for improvement identified in the audit.

We will be happy to send you the questionnaire for this on request. You can use this to prepare for the audit or for internal use.

In this section you will find tools and methods that will not only help you to improve the results of your supplier evaluation, but also to improve the operational performance of your organization and thus increase the satisfaction of your customers.

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