Easy & Safe

A complete range of IP44 and IP67 Industrial plugs, connectors, socket outlets and inlets in a new attractive and functional design. New IP67 products are perfect for the application when you need to protect contacts from water and dust. Robust design and unique self-cleaning calibrated contacts bring reliability, prevent arcing, reduce downtime and thus lower maintenance costs.

Main benefits

  • Reliable, safe and easy to work with

  • Water and dust protection of contacts avoids overheating and burning and thus prolongin plug and socket lifetime

  • Minimizes the risk of accidents, injuries and damage of the connected equipment

  • Complete offering of industrial plugs and sockets

Main features

  • Modern robust design

  • Self-cleaning contacts

  • Perfect for construction sites, food and beverage industry, various industrial applications, infrastructure applications, mines, connection of reefer containers, etc.

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