Quality in everything we do

Amphenol Tuchel Industrial GmbH puts quality first right from the initial development stages. Beyond the products, the customer's requirements are at the center of our thinking. Interdisciplinary project teams with a wide range of skills from marketing, development and production guarantee the development and production of absolutely reliable connection solutions. Our understanding of quality begins with the first contact with our customers and extends to service after decades of successful cooperation on both sides.

RoHS Compliance: A look at our Environmental Compatibility

Elimination of Hazardous Substances:
We are proud to offer RoHS-compliant products. This commitment extends across the entire value chain, from sourcing to the final product.

Environmentally Friendly Materials:
Our products are designed with the environmental friendliness of the materials used in mind. This approach enables us to manufacture products that are not only safe for the user, but also have a minimal impact on the environment. We avoid unnecessary waste and use resources as sparingly as possible in our processes.

ISO 14001: Our Contribution to Environmental Management

Structured Environmental Management:
By implementing the ISO 14001 environmental management system, we are committed to a structured approach to environmental issues. This system enables us to identify, monitor, and improve environmental aspects to ensure that our business practices are in line with the highest environmental standards.

Continuous Improvement:
ISO 14001 encourages continuous improvement. We constantly evaluate our processes to identify and implement more environmentally friendly practices. This cyclical approach ensures that we not only meet legal requirements but also proactively contribute to minimizing our environmental footprint.


Our Contribution to a Sustainable Future

Our commitment to RoHS and ISO 14001 goes beyond mere compliance. We see this as a responsibility to our customers, the community and the environment. By integrating these standards into our business practices, we aim to contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

At Amphenol Tuchel Industrial, our goal is not only to deliver products of the highest quality, but to do so in a way that protects and respects our environment. Your trust in our products is also a trust in our contribution to a sustainable world.

Our Certificates

Get access to our certificates and awards. Download our quality certificates here, which prove our commitment to the highest standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tarnishing of silver-plated contacts is a natural phenomenon that leads to a more or less dark coloration of the contact surface. Nevertheless, the electrical function of the connector remains unaffected.

Silver coatings, such as those used for electrical contacts, become discolored after a certain storage period. This phenomenon is known as silver tarnishing. Silver tarnishing is caused by a variety of chemical reactions. The main product of silver tarnishing is silver sulphide, but oxygen is also involved in the reaction mechanism. Other gases such as nitrogen oxide and chlorine also influence silver tarnishing.

The reaction rate depends on several parameters:

  • the sulphur content of the ambient atmosphere

  • Temperature and relative humidity of the ambient atmosphere

Although the sulphide has a low electrical conductivity, there is no significant increase in the contact resistance of silver-plated contacts. The correct electrical behavior of silver-plated contacts can be explained by the low thickness of the sulfide layer (only a few nanometers) and its low degree of hardness. Due to the sliding friction of the contacts during insertion and removal and the effect of the normal contact force in the inserted state, the silver sulphide layer is displaced so that the electrical contact resistance remains unchanged.