eco|mate® m Circular Connectors (RD24)

eco|mate® m Circular Connectors (RD24)

eco|mate m is the ideal solution for power supply of industrial applications. The portfolio is based on two standard contact arrangements: The 3+PE version enables applications to be supplied with three-phase alternating current up to 23A at 400V. The 6+PE version complies with DIN 9684-1 / ISO 11786, and therefore provides a possible interface for signal transmission in agricultural machinery. Here are up to 14A at 250V possible. An extension are the 600V high voltage solutions for both contact arrangements. Three reasons why you should choose eco|mate m:

  • Efficient: Due to its compact design, eco|mate m is not only space-efficient, but also saves costs. By reducing the components to a minimum, simple and fast assembly is possible. The versions with crimp termination enable cost-efficient processing for high volumes.

  • Practical: Both the ergonomic shape and the RD24 rapid threading make the handling uncomplicated. The versions with screw contacts allow easy assembly in the field. The leading protective earth (PE) contact can minimize the risks of electric shock when mating.

  • Reliable: The series is characterized by its robust design. High-quality thermoplastic withstands harsh environmental conditions, while the internal clamping cage safely protects against damage. eco|mate m is waterproof according to IP67and can be used underwater for extended periods.

These features have made eco|mate m one of the most successful Amphenol products ever. On average, every 10 seconds a connector of this series leaves our factory and is used in a wide field of applications around the world.

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