signal|mate® M16-D Circular Connectors

signal|mate® M16-D Circular Connectors

Our signal|mate - C091 series circular connectors are recognized industry standard for compact signal and power transmission.  The M16-D series provides IP67/IP69K protected metal connectors with industry standard M16 screw locking and meets the high requirements of the AISG C-485 standard.

The series features 2-8 and 12-19 pin connectors. For contact plating, our customers can choose between silver, flash gold (NEW) and hard gold for crimping and soldering. Furthermore, there are different solutions for direct connection to the PCB.

Product features:

  • Waterproof according to IP67 (min. 30min/1m) and IP69K when mated
  • M16 screw locking according to IEC 61076-2-106
  • EMC shielding capability; data transmission rates up to CAT5 (100 Mbit/s)
  • 13 contact arrangements on a shell size of ⌀ 18mm
  • From 2 to 19 pin for signal and power transmission
  • Current transmission up to 10A at 300V AC/DC
  • Wire cross-section 0.05-1mm² / AWG 30-20
  • 720 hours salt spray resistance
  • M16-D complies with AISG standard (Antenna Interface Standards Group)
  • Qualified according to UL1977 / certificate number E63093

M16 circular connectors of the signal|mate series are used e.g. in the fields of cellular antennas, industrial automation, control systems, camera technology as well as measurement. The connection solutions are compatible with competitor products.

Further varieties of the series