Data Overview

Description: backshell RT360 Shell 14 for cable 8,5-12,5mm
IP-class mated IP67

Product Availability and Price

Product Availability
Packing Unit: 100 Pieces
Min. Order Quantity: 100 Pieces
Price per Piece: €5.93
Total Price plus VAT: €593.00
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Technical Data

part category other
locking system bayonet ring
housing style straight - long
minimum cable diameter 9 MM
maximum cable diameter 12.5 MM
strain relief yes
IP-class mated IP67

Frequently Asked Questions

The following components are required for a complete solution:

  • Cable connector and receptacle of the opposite gender

  • Back shell

  • For flanged device parts: Flange seal

  • For end cap versions: Blanking plug, if necessary

  • Depending on the application: Protective cap

  • Crimp contacts

  • Hand crimping tool or pneumatic tool

The eco|mate RM portfolio does not include any typical coupling connectors. However, these can be realized by equipping one of the receptacles with a backshell. A thread is provided on the back for this purpose. The jam nut receptacles (part number starting with "RT07..") are best suited for a cable-to-cable connection.

There is a thread on the back of the receptacles. The standard backshells can be screwed onto this to create a wall bushing. The O-ring located on the receptacles thread is necessary to achieve IP67/IP69K protection class.

Eco|mate RM receptacles can be equipped with 180° dip solder contacts in two length variants. We are happy to provide the PCB layout on request. Alternatively, our flying pigtail assemblies with PCB connectors allow more flexibility and failure tolerance.

Until 2023, backshells were primarily offered with a shield connection using a shield ring (part number suffix "-S1"). Due to simpler assembly, a version with a shield clip has now been added and will be actively marketed in the future (part number suffix "-NS1"). Both versions can still be ordered; there are currently no plans to discontinue the shield ring version.

Our customers can choose from two types of contact: Stamped contacts are supplied on reels and are particularly suitable for automated processing and are quite cost-effective to procure. In particularly harsh environments, we recommend the higher quality machined contacts. These are more robust and can transmit more current. Both contact types are available with different coatings (tin, silver, gold in various thicknesses)

An optimized version of the stamped contacts has been added to the standard portfolio. Instead of two tangs (code "1", e.g. SS16M1F), the new version comes with three tangs and promises improved tensile strength (code "2", e.g. SS16M2F). There are currently no plans to discontinue the original version; both versions are still available. The versions are interchangeable, compatible with each other and the same hand crimping tools can be used.

The eco|mate RM series offers a choice of 5 mechanical codings: N (standard), W, X, Y and Z. If required, please ask us for the available options.

The blind plugs AT13-204-2005 / A114017 are designed to seal connectors with single wire seals from the back side in case not all positions are required. Please refer to the eco|mate RM assembly instructions for further details. The blind plugs cannot be used for mechanical coding.

Eco|mate RM connectors offer the option of a corrugated tube connection for shell sizes 12 and 14. Please note the part numbers with the suffix "-TH" and the required corrugated pipe adapters. Further information can be found in the eco|mate RM assembly instructions.

There are two standard materials currently available for the seals: NBR has increased resistance to various media, but is only approved for a temperature range of -40°-105°C. Silicone (suffix "03") is more sensitive but resistant up to 125°C. We actively market the versions with silicone seals, but we will provide you with a quote for the NBR version on request. The costs do not differ in most cases.