C146 10B006 102 5

Data Overview

Description: C146E; Socket Insert 6 Pole; Screw
rated current (40 °C) 42 A
number of positions (w/o PE) 6
rated voltage 400 V
IP-class mated IP20

Product Availability and Price

Product Availability
Packing Unit: 10 Pieces
Min. Order Quantity: 10 Pieces
Price per Piece: €18.64
Total Price plus VAT: €186.40
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Technical Data

part category female insert
gender female
IP-class mated IP20
number of positions (w/o PE) 6
contact diameter 2,5 mm
rated current (40 °C) 42 A
rated voltage 400 V
max. wire gauge 4
min. wire gauge 0.5
upper temperature 125 GC
lower temperature -40 GC