Data Overview

Description: socket contact machined 1,0 mm for 0,34-1,00mm²
rated current (40 °C) 10 A

Product Availability and Price

Product Availability
Packing Unit: 500 Pieces
Min. Order Quantity: 500 Pieces
Price per Piece: €0.33
Total Price plus VAT: €165.00
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Technical Data

part category socket contact
gender female
termination crimp
contact diameter 1,0 mm
rated current (40 °C) 10 A
max. wire gauge 1
min. wire gauge 0.34

Frequently Asked Questions

The following products are required for a complete parts list:

  • Cable connector and counterpart of the opposite gender (coupling/device part)

  • Back Shell

  • Depending on the application: Protective cap

  • Crimp contacts

  • Hand crimping tool or pneumatic tool

If you have special requirements regarding the number of cable outlets or their diameter, we will be happy to check the realization of a special version on the basis of the cable datasheet.

Our motion|grade connectors come with a silver-colored metal housing as standard. Alternatively, we will check the color matching of the various components in the desired color for corresponding order quantities.

Our motion|grade connectors are approved with protection class IP67 and are therefore waterproof. The requirement of 30 minutes at a water depth of 1 m is only a minimum requirement. On request, we can test the tightness for special water depths and dwell times.