Other Plastic Circular Connectors

We offer various series of plastic circular connectors, including Series 44 and battery|mate.

Series 44™ Circular Connectors are robust and resistant to environmental influences such as water, fuel and ozone. They offer reliable performance in indoor and outdoor environments.

Features of the 44 Series:

  • Waterproof system for wet conditions

  • Cost effective solution

  • Proven reliability

  • Easy installation

  • Variants with 1 to 6 positions

  • Polarized design for error-free connections

  • Suitable for 14-18 AWG wires

  • IP65/67 rating

The battery|mate series is ideal for power distribution and battery storage systems. It offers safe operation with protection class IP30 and enables a rated voltage of 1500 volts and a current carrying capacity of 200 amps. Mechanical and optical coding options offer double reverse polarity protection. Connectable conductor cross-sections are available in sizes 35 mm² and 50 mm².


Further varieties of the series


Series 44


battery|mate C040

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