Supplier Evaluation


“A with Amphenol”

At Amphenol Tuchel Industrial GmbH we have been utilizing an automated supplier evaluation tool for our key suppliers in production materials that is based on a mix of hard facts from the ERP system and soft facts from team evaluations. This proven 360° system has been subject to constant development and improvement and is applied under the name “A with Amphenol” since the annual evaluation of 2015.

The goal of this system is in consequence to provide even better products and services to our customers, to evaluate suppliers in more detail and more accurately, and finally to lead changes in our corporate structures and strategies to success, hand in hand with our suppliers and partners in global sourcing.

In order to live up to our top goal of customer satisfaction as the leading supplier of connectors, we require high quality and highly reliable sourcing partners, who are able to provide full service at a competitive price, thus helping us to meet and surpass the high demands of our customers.